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    Below is a list of the states in which we can presently offer discounted rates for intrastate moving and storage.

    Intrastate Moves: Transit and Storage in Transit (SIT) related charges:  
        Discount %  
      Tariff Used Transportation Storage-In-Transit
    Alabama 2 R 4-0(Current) n/a n/a
    Alaska 400N  Up to 55% Up to 38%
    Arizona 400N Up to 68% 55%
    Arkansas 400N  Up to 60% Up to 45%
    California MAX-4(Current) 33% 33%
    Colorado 400N  Up to 60% Up to 45%
    Connecticut PPUC-MF#37(Current) n/a n/a
    Delaware 400N Interstate Interstate
    Florida 400N Up to 60% Up to 45%
    Georgia GPSC-MF#19(Current) n/a n/a
    Hawaii 1-B & 7-B(Current) n/a n/a
    Idaho 400N Up to 68% 55%
    Illinois IL - 17 n/a n/a
    Indiana IMCA TR23(Current) 25% n/a
    Iowa No. 5 (Current) 28% 20%
    Kansas 40M/11B(Current) n/a n/a
    Kentucky KYDBR#15(Current) n/a n/a
    Louisiana LHGCT#VII(Current) n/a n/a
    Maine 400N  Up to 68% 55%
    Maryland 400N  Up to 68% 55%
    Massachusetts MDPU#16(Current) n/a n/a
    Michigan MPSC 4000(Current) n/a n/a
    Minnesota MNTSA #46(Current) n/a n/a
    Mississippi MMC #2(Current) n/a n/a
    Missouri MCST 1900(Current) n/a n/a
    Montana MPSC #1(Current) n/a n/a
    Nebraska MPSE 7E(Current) n/a n/a
    Nevada HHGS#200-A(Current) n/a n/a
    New Hampshire NHDOS4(Current) n/a n/a
    New Jersey MC100(Current) n/a n/a
    New Mexico NMM&W#1(Current) n/a n/a
    New York 24C(Current) n/a n/a
    North Carolina NC4 (Current) n/a n/a
    North Dakota NDDOT #5(Current) n/a n/a
    Ohio PUCO 44(Current) n/a n/a
    Oklahoma 33H (Current) n/a n/a
    Oregon O-DOT 200(Current) n/a n/a
    Pennsylvania PUC#54/ESC.#54(Current) n/a n/a
    Rhode Island MF-RPUC-CRR-800(Current) n/a n/a
    South Carolina STB #2(Current n/a n/a
    South Dakota 400N Up to 68% 55%
    Tennessee 400N Up to 68% 55%
    Texas 400N Up to 68% 55%
    Utah 400N  Up to 68% 55%
    Vermont 400N Up to 68% 55%
    Virginia 153F(Current) n/a n/a
    Washington UTC No. 15(Current) n/a n/a
    West Virginia PUCO 44(Current) n/a n/a
    Wisconsin 400N Up to 60% Up to 45%
    Wyoming 400N Up to 60% Up to 45%
    Washington D.C. 400N  Up to 60% Up to 45%

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